Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Barack Obama's Speech

US President Barack Obama spoke at Cairo University on june 4th as part of his efforts to improve American relations with the Muslim world.

A speech one should read

Thursday, June 11, 2009

JUNE 12 Vicharae's Death Anniversary

Com Vicharae a soft spoken but firm fighter for the cause of workers
Observe the day- Share his lovable memories

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our Great and Lovable Comrade

Jagan a mass leader with moral impulse

June 7th Death Anniversary

Com Jagan A Crusader for Uplift- O P GUPTA

Jagan a soft spoken unassuming but persuasive active leader has been with the downtrodden sections ever since he entered the service.....I am confident that each one of his colleagues whom he has inspired to come up in the union will emulate his work and habits and help us to adopt correct attitude toward problems and struggles...